Opening Day At Star Houston Physical Therapy


Opening Day is about a week away!

I am not talking about major league baseball or dove hunting, although if you play baseball or hunt, our opening day probably feels the same exact way! I am actually referring to the day that we get to open our outpatient physical therapy clinic and treat patients. See, whatever your passion or sport may be, opening day is a big day in a big way. Opening anything new is filled with a ton of excitement. New equals growth. And our growth has been made possible because of our faithful patients. New is full of potential. New is starting again. Expanding our footprint. What is new in your world? We are getting ready for you, Tomball! Laura has built the Star brand in Fairfield and is now bringing her knowledge and expertise to the Tomball area. She will remain treating patients at her Fairfield location while managing and overseeing the new clinic. Laura enjoys mentoring students who are pursuing their physical therapy degree throughout the year and in doing so she was able to hire a recent graduate for the position. Richard is equally as eager as we are. He is passionate about helping serve the population and knowing that he has spent a great deal of his time with Laura at Fairfield, we can’t wait to see him to develop his own clinic. We are bringing the A- team!!!!!


Tomball seems to be a very happening place. Every time Laura and I visit, we find ourselves meeting some of the nicest people ever. And every time we are in Tomball, we learn something new. Learning is an integral part of growing and we are so thrilled to be learning, growing, and opening this clinic with this community. We have visited a handful of physician offices who have welcomed us with open arms. They love our energy, and the feeling is mutual. It is a beautiful thing to witness a relationship formed when two people connect to benefit the patient population. In our industry, we get to meet the people behind the care. We work together to make sure that systems are in place and people are well cared for. Our outpatient physical therapy clinic is a place for healing. We build relationships with our patients so that we can truly help them overcome the current pain or setback they may be experiencing. It can be absolutely devastating to be limited by an injury and when people choose us for their rehab, we choose them. We choose to listen to their needs. We choose to meet them where they are at and motivate them through what we know about them. Nobody wants to go to physical therapy, but the average patient comes to us twice weekly. With that being said, we make it an experience worth coming back. Laura and Richard both possess a great deal of care and concern for the goodness of others. We want to help anyone in need, get back on their feet.


We are looking forward to being able to serve the population with our physical therapy but also educate the majority on how and when to use physical therapy. Star is our name, and we will help you win your game! Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to meeting you soon!


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